Familiarize with Drug Addiction, Their Screening & Screening Types

Drug addiction is a common problem throughout the world and especially in the United States and some countries in European Continent. It is hard to stop this addiction because roots of alcohol and drugs addiction have been deep seated and smuggling activities promote use of drugs my making their easy reach to the drug addicts. Drug addiction has many potential risks while driving a vehicle or in sensitive jobs where alertness is very important. To cope with this problem, drug screening is used as a method to check the consumption of drug by an individual. This is done by drug detection tests.



Detection period for drugs
There are several types of drugs such as alcohol, cocaine, morphine, steroids, LSD, PCP, methadone, and many more and detection time of every drug depends on type of parent drug. There are multiple factors like drug class, how often drug is used and in what quantity, individual’s overall health, age, body mass index (BMI), urine pH, and metabolic rate. The detection of some drugs is possible within few hours of consumption, but presence of their metabolites can be observed in urine for several days. The example of this type of commonly used drugs are cocaine and heroin. Different drug screening type is therefore, decided for specific type of parent drug. To know more about drug tests, you can visit https://www.ouchclub.com/drug-testing/products/aloe-rid-hair-drug-test-shampoo-review/

Drug screening types
Different body fluids or materials are used for sampling for drug screening depending upon factors that support drug testing. These fluid or materials are usually urine, saliva, blood, and breathed air. The drug screening types using body fluid or materials are Urinalysis or urine drug screen, Breathalyzer or breath test, Hair analysis or hair testing, Oral fluid-based drug screen /Saliva drug screen, Sweat drug screen, Presumptive substance testing, Diagnostic screening, and Random drug testing. The testing methodologies are based on the standards for drug testing and are decided by the testing labs.