Waterproof LCD Enclosure Tips

What Propels the Rising Popularity of Waterproof LCD Enclosures?

LCD monitors taking over the industrial display baton from the conventional CRT screens is a known fact. What has actually started turning heads today is the rising trend of consumers choosing waterproof LCD enclosures. As industrial displays have to face a lot of adverse ambient conditions, where fluids or water often are the greatest risks to such equipment, such precautionary measures were innovations waiting to happen.

However, the scope of use and the advantages that these waterproof digital displays provide have helped increase larger consumer interest in the same. The main application of such enclosures, however, includes some common as well as uncommon areas:


One of the major elements that bog down the efficiency and productivity of electronic equipment in factories is the seepage of water. Even if an area may seem physically dry, the dense fluid or water particles in the air may cause considerable damage to the screens over a period of time. And since a great number of workers and industry procedures are dependent on such screens, productivity and profits can be seriously affected if such malfunctions occur frequently. This makes the incorporation of waterproof LCD enclosures a mandatory requirement for industrial screens. The enclosures can also prevent damage from accidental spills of industry fluids like hard water, acids and the like.


One of the most vulnerable arenas as far as damage from water is concerned is ships and the like. While most boats are fitted with state-of-the-art gadgetry and equally up-to-date screens, it is crucial to have waterproof enclosures to prevent damage. Not only does water seepage and moisture cause problems, turbulent storms and deck-high waves can also cause considerable damage. This has probably made the shipping industry one of the most consistent clients of such digital enclosures.


Outdoor Display Units

Rain, snow or even mist can cause physical damage to outdoor display units. Not only can this amount to losses for advertising agencies, but can also be dangerous. Hence opting for a proper waterproof LCD enclosure is the best option to improve the life-cycle of the screens concerned.

Bathroom Units

A lot of upscale homes have LCD screens installed in bathrooms, including TV screens or detailed control options for state-of-the-art bathing units. It is advisable to install a customized waterproof LCD enclosure, even if the dealer does not provide them as a complimentary accessory.

Apart from these prominent areas of application, a lot of other industries and arenas have started using waterproof LCD enclosures for the better.

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